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Spain is now the third most attractive country for international university students to study in. Thus, Spain has developed a multicultural and diverse student population which has made the Spanish education system probably the most popular in Europe, thanks to its cultural variety.

The Spanish university system gives students the wide range of study options, while at the same time satisfying the diversity of interests, which you can application essay, created by the service of admission essay online. What is more, Spain is constantly working on facilitating the arrival of talented students, teachers and scholars to Spain.

For instance, in October 2015 The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain unveiled plans on simplifying procedure for receiving students and professors visas. The main objective of this agreement is coordination of all agencies of Central Government in order to make Spanish universities more attractive for talented international students.

Also, it is noteworthy that Spain has launched a new option within the Erasmus Plus program, that funds the stay of students and professors from countries around the world in Spanish universities. Spain issued about 30,000 Students from outside the European Union in 2014, which makes Spain a member of leading group from European countries along with the UK, Germany, France and Italy. More than 40,000 students came to Spain under Erasmus program in the last call, reflecting the leadership of Spain in this field. 2,000 more Erasmus Plus international students will be added to these figures in coming years.

The majority of Spain’s cities, and even little-known enclaves are home to monuments of significant historic and architectural interest, not to mention the outstanding landscapes of the country. Spain is a natural bridge between the cultures of the north and south of Europe. Its unique traditions are creating a rich and diverse cultural legacy, which grandeur you are able to feel, studying in Spain.

In case, the developed and constantly improving educational system, picturesque landscapes varying from mountain rivers and desert-like areas to green pastures and turquoise beaches are not the points to fulfill your expectations, Spain is going to meet you with its relaxed lifestyle, the power of which can’t be resisted.

The Spanish people are experts in how to enjoy life. During holidays, Spaniards are partying out in the streets until dawn. Fireworks, bullfights, parades take place among the celebrations. Just as an example, the students of the University of Granada welcome first-year students with the massive food fight show. This tradition is called San Lucas. Even though it is officially prohibited by police and the city officials the students keep a fine tradition going. There’s another Spanish ritual that close to San Lucas Festival, called La Tomatina Festival. The festival features music, parades, dancing and fireworks and even paella cooking contest.

Spain appears to be the place, where the progress, the beauty and unstoppable fun are combined in a very odd still balanced way, which makes this country the most attractive destination to gain.

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